Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Uni Only or No Bicy's Allowed

The Unicy's and Bicy's were at war for many years before reaching the agreement to just chop their world in half. Of course each side has their own propaganda to deal with. Discrediting one wheel over two while or embracing the one wheeled god. Oh, but don't be fooled! You only see this one side of the world, the other is exactly the same except there are two instead of one. Two wheels, two all knowing and all powerful gods and, of course, two lanes on the street.

"One way," Says those with a single tire. "Both ways," Shouts those with two wheels in response. "You're wrong," Each side shouts in symphony yet ignores its counterpart. "We're right," They all continue as arms start to rise.

Another war ensues and after many years of strife the world is finally one. Each side mingles with its other but those that lost the war are now a minority. Segregation seems something all humanoids capable of. Clearly the Unicy's are superior! That is why they won the war, right?

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