Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And The Winner Is... Clifford Shikler!

The winner for the "Vampire" challenge is:

Clifford Shikler!

Congratulations to Clifford Shikler. I chose Clifford's "Among Fire and Ice, Who is Hot and Who is Cold..." as the winner for the Vampire challenge. Clifford shows a great deal of skill and expertise in his art. This painting excels in portraying terror and dread. The frightening details of the face is heightened by the rough and unfinished borders. The blue subject denotes cold death with just enough red to give the feeling of blood.

Again, as always it seems lately, amazingly wonderful entries. Lots of great interpretations. I really enjoyed Josh Pincus' "Count Dracula, the grocery bagger" - fantastic detail, well drawn and colored, and BITINGLY funny! (ouch!)

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josh pincus is crying said...

note to self: in the future, go heavy on the terror, dread and cold death.