Friday, November 20, 2009

My Beautiful Girl!

I honestly don't know of anything or anyone, other then perhaps being alive, then my beautiful girlfriend. I have NEVER been in love and it is a WONDERFUL FEELING! This was, perhaps, the EASIEST Monday Artday for me so far. Mainly because the illustration was completed already. I did this for her on Valentines day cause I didn't have any money.

Really, isn't she BEAUTIFUL? Just the most wonderful individual on this planet and I've NEVER been so glad another person was SIMPLY ALIVE. I can honestly say I am grateful she just plain old every day exists.


MaureenHume said...

Life's hard, never forget how you feel a this moment in time.

Dudel said...

Buzz kill... but you're right.

Cherish the good memories you have in order to help and get over the bad ones.

mike r. baker said...

Live in the moment, yes. But hey, I fell in love 18 years ago, still in love, still with her, married and have a kid. Been in love before and I still love those moments. This one has lasted. You never know.

Nice picture and sentiment.