Friday, November 20, 2009

New Challenge - Feast!

The new challenge is:


Illustrate a feast! Up in the northern hemisphere, we have a lot of eating holidays this time of year. The U.S. has Thanksgiving on November 26 this year, Canada had Thanksgiving on October 12, Hanukkah begins at sundown on Friday December 11, Christmas is December 25, and many other religions celebrate the harvest of fall, the shortest day (Winter Solstice, December 21), and Yule celebrations. Of course, Christmas is also celebrated in the southern hemisphere on December 25 - must be really odd to sing about snow in Summer. Hindus celebrated Diwali (festival of lights) on October 17th. For Islam, the New Year is December 18 (not a feast day but a time for religious reflection). So let's celebrate!


For this challenge, the winner will receive an actual prize! I will mail a prize to the chosen winner (the winner will need to supply an address). The prize will be announced next week. You have 2 weeks so get busy, artists!

The "Chicken" and the "Werewolf" challenge is over. The new challenge is "Feast" and ends on December 7, 2009. Another new challenge, "Gratitude," ends on November 30, 2009.


mike r. baker said...

Couldn't wait for Monday to post this. Sorry for making you all wait so long.

josh pincus is crying said...

Gee, I sure the hope prize isn't a years supply of lutefisk. That stuff looks awful.

mike r. baker said...

[crossing "lutefisk" off of prize options]