Monday, December 07, 2009

And The Winner Is... Lauren Wilson!

The winner for the "Feast" challenge is:

Lauren Wilson!

Congratulations to Lauren Wilson. I chose Lauren's "wolf with rabbits" as the winner for the Feast challenge. Lauren did a great job illustrating the theme. Great watercolor, excellent drawing skills, amazing realization of the environment (not easy illustrating a good hole in the ground). Overall, just a fantastic piece. Well done, Lauren!

I've written this before but I want to repeat it: The quality of art and the wonderful artists here at Monday Artday constantly amaze me. You are all terrific and inspiring and the reason why this blog is so popular. It's always the hardest thing I do all week to pick a winner. Keep 'em coming, artists!

Prize! I said there would be a prize for this challenge. Lauren has won a large Moleskine watercolor sketchbook and a pocket watercolor set. Congrats, Lauren!

1 comment:

Lauren Wilson said...

It is an honor! :D Thanks! I'm going to really enjoy the watercolor stuff!