Monday, December 21, 2009


Ah, the Holidays. A time for friends and family. Lots of good junk food to get fat on and vacation time. I almost always choose to stay in New York for Christmas and this year is no exception. I pick up as many shifts at work as I could so that all my co-workers could take time off. Then I'll take two weeks in January to go see the family and just have a break from waiting on ungrateful human beings.

However, this year I've been kinda bummed out cause I'm not going to get to go back to Maine to see my family. Its been a strange year with the death of a family member, his evil wife taking advantage of my grandmother, my sister selling her house... and blah blah blah.

Yesterday, New York go dumped on by almost a foot of snow and I was excited cause I had that moment where it felt like Christmas long ago. People were outside throwing snowballs, digging out parked cars, making snow angels and of course, making snowmen. Which is where the inspiration for this illustration comes from.

The people in the image from left to right are Snowman Christopher (my nephew,) Snowwoman Nana J, Snowwoman Dawn (my sister,) live John (Me,) Snowwoman Lynn (my mom,) and Snowdog Cee Cee.

This is for everyone who is away from their family this holiday! I hope that you find some way to make it bright! I'll be doing it with my "New York Family" Katz Deli style and then ice skating in Prospect Park.

Happy Holidays!

John Jennison

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pat said...

Very nice drawing,John. Sorry to hear of the death of a loved one as well as the divisive family problems. Hope your holiday season goes well.