Sunday, March 21, 2010

arrived here from one of the licensing lists (art of licensing?). you are my new hero! love your process and your work. i'm the person popping up with the israeli flag at the bottom of the sidebar. what brand of ink & watercolor do u use? varda

Hi Varda!
Wow thanks so much for the note!
Watercolor: Holbein is my absolute favorite and it is what i use mostly. But I do have a few other brands mixed in my box too.
Ink: I like the Koh-I-Noor India Ink for my Rapidograph pens. Works well. there are other good brands though, too-I did a blog post on it recently (this year) and mentioned a couple of brands.
Other ink/watercolor alternatives: I have long loved the Dr. P. H. Martin's like of colorful inks. the problem with them is that they are not 100% lightfast. After years of pining, I found that they started producing a waterproof liquid watercolor that is pigmented. A great alternative to their dye-based inks since the pigmented inks are more lasting! They are called "Bombay" and they come in individual liquid bottle and 12-ink sets. I like to use those too.

All that said, lately I've been really digital, inking in Adobe Flash or Illustrator, and painting in Illustrator or Photoshop. I will pull out the traditional paints and inks again soon but right now, I've been pretty heavy digital.

Have fun!!

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