Saturday, April 10, 2010

Currently Unnamed

They fly at night from their purple like mushroom trees. Soaring through the air with an effortless ease. Those creatures, with their blue feathers and yellow beaks, they glide and swoop around the night. Do not fear their size, they are peaceful and eat only what is already dead.

This was a rather interesting piece, if I say so myself. It started off as a white/silver bird among that blue/black stary like background. Then it turned into an umbrella and followed a mushroom.

That mushroom is still there, though might be viewed as a "pink tree". The bird-things were added cause the image seemed naked otherwise... and I needed a "Flight" for Monday Artday (which was this images intention) anyway.

Submission for "Flight".

I need a title for this. However I, personally, don't wish to call it "Flight". Originally called "To Flight", "Take Flight", or something similar, I just didn't like them.

I feel like this final image might be able to fit as something all to its own. Though feels to much like another piece, which is only different in some proportions and color.

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