Friday, April 09, 2010

Listen To Me, My Brothers!

"Brothers and sisters, we have been hidden from the world for far to long. It is time that we stand up and show who the runners and rulers are. It is time that we, we that are those here, rise up and claim the world which is rightfully ours!"

Been awhile since my last submission. I've a few hand drawn ones that just never made it to the scanner. This is for Ancient Civilization. I guess these alien-people-things live underground somewhere and are something like the Illuminati. I don't know, with me you can't ever tell where things come from.

This started as a poor attempt at making a odd looking Greek type of building but turned into the above. With me it always turns into either people or aliens. Something about the odd shapes of "lifeforms" that make my eye see them in a jumbled mess of nothing. At one point that image was the two below images. Do you see what I was originally trying for?

Then I tried to add stairs and an entrance to another room. This didn't work, though, as the rest of the image was flat. However the second I filled that center piece in white and zoomed out, I decided to make a little experiment with the image.

Two or three steps later and we've the final product. I should make more "step-by-step" things. Otherwise how I get to my nonsense makes no sense, at all. The very fist thing I "drew" (point and click =/= drawing) was one of the column pieces, then copy-pasted it into a column (after fliping it upside down and backwards) then copy-pasted the column itself.

Hooray for paint oddness!

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