Monday, May 10, 2010

Buffalo Wings???

Heya guys!

OK, OK so it's not a buffalo! But it's the thought that counts, right?
My name is Wilson Williams, Jr. This is my first post to Monday Artday!! Hopefully not my last! Many thanks to Mike Baker for the Invite!


My website is here!

My Blog is here!!

Can't wait to connect with everyone!!


Jutta said...

Great illo! Looks close enough to me :) And welcome to Monday Artday!

Kev_Brett said...

welcome! great start this is great!!

Mighty Kwan said...

Thanks you guys! Glad you like it!! Hopefully I get to do more!


Pascal said...

Very cool!

k.h.whitaker said...

Wilson, this is fabulous, first I laughed and then I really looked at it. Great concept!

Mighty Kwan said...

Thanks Pascal and K.H.!! Deeply appreciated! Glad I could make you laugh K.H.!!!